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In 2021 and 2022, the buzzword we were all seeing is “content creator”. At a time when most of us stayed outdoors, we were all consuming social media much more than we used to. This resulted in brands and people looking for new ways to reach their audience on social media in a much more creative way. Content creators received full swing here!

They look amazing on their Tiktok and Instagram profiles, receiving free products and making videos or images that make you want to buy a product or at least wish you were them. And believe us, you can be!

Do you have a smartphone? Do you have an internet connection? Do you enjoy creative content on social media? Then why not try? You can create content for brands, people or ideas and reach a global audience. Anyone with a feeling for creating audio, video, text or visual content can become a content creation and get paid very well for it!

We immediately assumed you know what content creator means, so let’s not go too deep before you know the main buzzwords in this article.

How to become a content creator? Few easy steps in the atricle below!

What is a content creator?

According to SemRush(https://www.semrush.com/blog/content-creator/) , a “content creator is responsible for producing written, audio, or visual information for content marketing platforms, like social media or blogs”. Content that they produce is either video on Tiktok, Instagram testimonial, a blog post for a website or a flat lay product photo. Content creator’s job focuses on creating content with the intent to connect and market to a specific audience.

🔥 And yes, the author of this post also realized she is a content creator.

Do I need a degree to become a content creator?

No. It may help you with your communication, socialization and strategy skills, but to be a content creator, you don’t need to have a degree. Some of the youtube creators, podcasters and influencers thrive in their careers without being a major in any of these skills. What you mostly need is to build and audience, listen to it, and create content.

What are content creator’s roles and responsibilities?

The job description of a content creator can include:

  • creating blog posts
  • creating and writing email newsletters
  • designing social media graphics
  • taking quality photographs
  • filming Youtube/TikTok videos
  • hosting podcasts

Among other tasks than can be assumed as content, you might need to distribute your content on social media and therefore you will need to understand social media networks, understand SEO and collaborate with sales and marketing teams.

What skills do I need to become a content creator?

There can be lots of skills that a good content creator needs, but the most important are communication, relationship building, storytelling, understanding why the audience sees you as content creator and finds you significant (so you make more of it), understanding social media and understanding branding.

How much money can I make as a content creator?

It depends on what you are doing (the complexity of content creation, for example longer videos vs. Tiktok videos), number of followers, country you are situated in … In the US, the average content creator falls around $35k and can increase with the work experience. But! It’s not uncommon for self-employed freelancers to make six figures.

What content creation tools do I need to use?

It depends on what you are doing. Here are some useful tools that can help you expertise this field.

  • creating blog posts – Google Docs, WordPress, Grammarly, Ahrefs, Google Analytics
  • creating and writing email newsletters – Google Analytics, Canva, Grammarly.
  • designing social media graphics – Canva, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Spark, Crello
  • taking quality photographs – Adobe Photoshop,
  • filming Youtube/TikTok videos – Tiktok, Adobe premiere pro, Capcut, Inshot
  • hosting podcasts – Skype/Zoom/Teams

How do I become a content creator?

Firstly, find what you want to to and expertise in. Do you want to grow a Youtube channel? Instagram profile? Do you want to be a tiktoker? Do you want companies to buy your blog posts? 

Then, do as much of that:

  • Try new things and test as much as possible. 
  • Find your audience: what will your content be about? When looking for Youtubers or Instagramers, none has covered all the topics. They are niched in makeup, food, lifestyle, fashion, technology, cars, business, … Find your niche.
  • At the beginning, do things for free and build your portfolio this way. After some time, the hard work will pay off. You’ll become better at it and brands or people will be happy to use your services. 
  • Always learn from the feedback you receive!
  • Start small, do better every day!
  • Find tutorials and learn from people that cover your ideal content creation the best. What do they do? How do they create?

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