How to sell on TikTok? 4 different business branches that did it extraordinarily

Yes, it sells! If you consider yourself an entrepreneur or digitally savvy human being, you have probably already heard it – Tiktok is BOOMING right now. Do you already have your strategy planned? If 1 billion active users are there (and they are more engaged than ever), then you bet your competition is thinking about it, too.

For now, until the Tiktok market is not fully advantaged yet in terms of business and selling, you should seriously consider stepping up your game.

Tiktok may be the best-known app for short videos, dance crazes, and fun content, but it has long been seen as a wellspring for shopping. It has become a social media platform with a universe of rules that you simply can not ignore. It has the ability to help you reach millions of potential customers and generate sales for your business. 

Where’s the hype, fellas?

The main hype that Tiktok assures business owners is the crazy engagement and hooked users. People spend more than one hour daily (recent researches say it’s around 95 minutes) on the app and they open it NINETEEN times a day! Not to mention that Tiktok claims that according to their survey, 74% of people say they are paying full attention to the videos they are watching. That means when they see a video, they actually watch it, listen to it, and remember it more successfully. Comparing TikTok user engagement to Facebook and Instagram? Meta, you better hide! TikTok has an average of 18% engagement rate, Facebook 0,7%, and Instagram 3,68%.

Get used to a new era of video creation

Tiktoks are what most professional video creators hate to the guts. In terms of video creation, Tiktok is something special. High-quality, high-cost, and slow corporate videos are no longer a thing! Tiktok videos are vertical, quick, have a lot of transitions and they make you deliver all the key communication elements in less than 15 seconds. If you don’t know how to tackle these kind of video creation, find some successful creators that will do it for you (or find a service that will find for them for you). By jumping on popular sounds, using trending hashtags and videos that are created TikTok-first, your very first videos (no matter the following) can receive hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

Different business branches that sell successfully on Tiktok

On TikTok, it doesn’t matter what types of products you sell; what matters most is whether you can incorporate your brand into viral content. Using what is trending at the moment and contributing your unique twist to it, you can build brand awareness by earning the attention of hundreds of potential customers. 

We have analyzed one of the most successful business stories on TikTok that grew their sales with trending videos, content creators, trending sounds, or TikTok advertising techniques.

  1. E-commerce branch

The best ones are building a community and creating a story. Adidas, GymShark, Gucci, RedBull, Chipotle, Zalando, Samsung, Asos, Coca-Cola, Sephora. No matter the niche, they all found their own creative story to talk and make content about!

Make sure you follow these rules:

  • Try not to be too salesy. Be creative, see what the competition is doing and do better.
  • Create a unique hashtag so you see how your hashtag is doing when creating a sales campaign.
  • Say goodbye to 5 of your products AND send them to favorite content creators that you think would suit your brand best. You will be amazed by the power of user-generated content!

2. Amazon products

#TiktokMadeMeBuyIt, #Amazonfinds, and #FoundItOnAmazon are one of the most used hashtags on TikTok and they all have one thing in common: whoever made it on top of the hashtag, their sales went up in the sky! If the product is something special, or unusual and its usage is something revolutionary, the organic reach will do all the marketing you need. What you can see both on the first and second hashtags is the huge amount of amateur, user-generated and genuine videos. People were not pushed to buy the stuff that was on the video, but when it caught their eye they decided to close the TikTok app, open the Amazon app, find the product and buy it immediately. And THIS is the beauty of TikTok!

By the way … Check that hashtag. 😉


3. Offline/physical stores and services

Ever heard of Binley Mega Chippy? It’s a physical fast food restaurant in a smaller town near London. A TikTok user found a sound and recreated it using the Binley Mega Chippy brand name. The video went viral, and so did the sound. 


A similar story goes with Pret (#JoyWithPret), an organic coffee shop in the UK. With 3,3B views on a hashtag, they made a viral trend and positioned themselves successfully on TikTok.


4. B2B branch

If you are a business that has no interest in converting directly to customers, think again. Even if your direct leads should be business contacts, there is still a customer or user at the end of the business chain. Consider presenting what you do to a broader audience, you might receive a big amount of interest!

Secondly … What if you are a business with infrastructure that can make (for example) new frying pans … And you see a revolutionary frying pan on the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag that is going viral? You can make a similar one, only better because you have tons of users giving their feedback on social media (FOR FREE)!

Many brands, for example, used #TheOodie viral hype and made their own. TikTok is a marketplace of ideas and trends that you can hop on! They sure did: The Bunny Hug, Snuggy, Blanket Hoodie, The Comfy. Find anything similar? Of course, everything!

Stop overthinking, just do it already.

After reading this, we hope you got a little bit of inspiration and guts to do what everybody else will be doing in the next few years. Make sure you hop on the TikTok train before millions of other businesses overthinking when, how, and why would they do it. There is plenty of reasons why you should!

“One of TikTok’s greatest strengths lies in creating a community that feels close-knit despite being massive in size. A meme, trend, or song created on TikTok can quickly morph from an in-joke to a nationwide phenomenon.”

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