A good content creator has these 4 features

You have definitely already asked yourself where and how to find a good content creator, but we need to tack the question “Who is a good content creator?” first to answer the other questions. Anyone that is looking for a content creator can quickly be fooled by number of followers that a creator has and this is sometimes the only criteria. But let’s introduce you to characteristics that we love to see in a content creator and, 90% of the time, results in a great collaboration!

Firstly, let’s answer the question “Why the f* would Buzztik know anything about it?”

We are collaborating with more than 300 content creators for various global brands and have another 2000 people that are interested in creating content and are eager to learn from us. We are creating content creators, show them how to communicate and manage projects for brands, we help them to find inspiration and matchmake them with the most relevant brands. If anyone knows what content creator is, we do.

1. A good content creator understands the basic principles of the platform the content will be used on

Video content creators understand the difference between sales content and content that will rise the awareness of your brand or product. Sometimes they need to emphasise the features of a certain product, brand or service, and sometimes they just need to put them in a fun and watchable context, that requires a magical mixture of ideas, authenticity and recognising a good trend. There is a huge difference! A good content creator also understands the difference of platforms that require video content – Tiktok videos versus Instagram videos versus Facebook ads, for example.

More and more important thing to emphasise: it is very good to have a unique perspective and own voice. With a personality in the content, the videos will make them stand out from the crowdy social media.

2. A good content creator knows how to grab attention in the video

Different video content can be used for different purposes, but they all have one thing in common: a video needs to grab attention. This usually happens within first two seconds. Sometimes it’s a saying, an extraordinary shot or a person that is attention-grabbing either way. Whatever happens in the next phases of the video, is generally being divided into three different pillars of content:

  • Educational content (how-to, tutorials)
  • Watchable, relaxing content (binge-watching the whole thing and feeling good about it, for example “get ready with me”, “light-hearted, “story time”, “vlog”, or travel content)
  • Entertainment, trending content (the most sharable one, usually includes jokes, straight-to-the-point facts, and is simple)

This kind of content creator also understands what the users are interested in, what content they respond to, and motivates them to engage with that content. This requires a lot of research and staying up-to-date with latest trends.

3. A good content creator understands the brand’s principles

A good content creator knows how the “upper limit” of your brand, product or service. This is the limit where any ideas or jokes past that can cause harm to your brand, service or product. The most important is that a creator understands what you want and how to communicate it.

Maybe you don’t want to make jokes about your customers, maybe you don’t want to bring negative feelings about your brand even if it would work well, maybe your brand, service or product needs aesthetic shots or rich videos with transitions and gifs? This is what a content creator must include in their scenarios. Nevertheless, it is really important to pass them information that you may not want to see in your videos, or share a negative experience with previous content creators to avoid the drama.

TIP FOR CREATORS: Take as many meetings as you need before you start to collaborate.

TIP FOR CREATORS: Within few first weeks of collaboration, make sure you are communicating enough. Content preview can be a good decision!

TIP FOR CREATORS: Make sure you’ve watched some of previous work, you’ve scrolled through webpage, and saw what kind of advertisements the brand made. This is how you will quickly see whether you can add certain shots in the video content.

4. A good content creator has the knowledge about the product/service he uses

This point strongly refers to the fact number 3. A good content creator will take the collaboration under one condition: he strongly associates with the brand, service or a product. He understands how the brand works and completely understands the painpoints of a certain brand, service or a product. A good content creator will know how to emphasize the key takeaways and solution it provides within a few seconds. If he is not able to do that, give him more time.

If you are asking yourself how to find a good content creator, this is it. With the facts we have written in the article above, your received videos will be 90% successful and recognisable. And on the other side, content creators are more and more educated on basic videography, marketing, sales and human psychology principles.

Need help with content creators?

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