Introducing video marketplace! Get UGC within 5 minutes

We’re used to thinking of new ideas and projects. This is what our team represents: staying on the track with trends, and providing best possible solutions for brands and creators! We’d like to introduce you to Buzztik video marketplace where the collaborations run quite differently as you’re used to it.

Listen carefully! Imagine Canva, Unsplash and Stock photos … How about having a content library of ready-to-use videos with your product/service on it? 🚀 Welcome to Buzztik video marketplace!

Combining both of the worlds into one simple solution – VIDEO LIBRARY

With Buzztik video marketplace, brands spend their precious time on other important things rather than managing creators content! 👉🏻 Trust us, it’s better to trust the creative process and see what content creators can do with a perspective of a consumer. On the other hand, creators feel motivated to make some money making videos of brands they use already and feel loyal to. Not to mention, these videos cost less than any of your influencer collaboration for making UGC content ever will. How cool is that?

What if I don’t like the videos of my brand?

If the videos do not match your needs (which is highly unlikely), our creative team can show creators the way to make your videos different. But, as mentioned already, this is highly unlikely. Creators make videos from a different perspective that any marketing manager of a brand or service will be able to see. Trust that perspective 👉🏻 it’s a consumer’s perspective after all!

Years of experience

As agency with 5+ years experience with creating content, we saw what most brands and creators are struggling with.

  • Brands usually don’t have time to seek for content creators and find suitable content creators for their brands
  • Communicating with content creators is time-consuming
  • By communicating with content creators, brands can (non-intentional) limit the creative process by briefing content creators with their own ideas
  • Time-consuming communication usually results in up to 2 weeks management of sending products, typing scripts and regulating videos
  • Usually, brands decide to work with highly professional creators. This way, videos can soon look very professional and won’t work in case of reviews and simple UGC.
  • Creators usually work with plenty of brands, but the most important for them is to collaborate with a brand they find awesome and use it already.
  • Creators lack the soft and marketing skills to communicate with brands properly.

We combined all the challenges above in one simple mission: Let’s make a library of videos that are made by creators that already use the product at home … And brands just type their brand’s name and find plenty of UGC videos that are sweet, short and effective! This way, we help creators to make content with a brand they find enjoyable and consume anyways … And brand can use the videos for advertising and/or uses it however they like … For a fraction of price.

Simply browse our collection of pre-made videos for TikTok, social media, and ads, and select the perfect fit for your brand – without lifting a finger!

Let’s start! Receive your UGC within 5 minutes.

Do you want to be a part of our video marketplace? Simply search for your products here.

If your brand is not listed on the marketplace already, feel free to contact us. We can make a little hype and extra-push by contacting our database of 2500 creators.

With video marketplace, every creator has a job opportunity! If he has an idea, he can make it happen by making a cool video and publish it on marketplace. 

Ready to buy cool videos? Shop your UGC content now, receive it within 5 minutes.

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The development of the platform is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Fund for Regional Development. Buzztik connects video content creators and companies who need video content to present their brand on social media, ads or a website. With the help of a database of different video creators, the company gets content quickly and easily. The purpose of Buzztik is that companies get video content quickly and easily, and creators get the opportunity to collaborate with different brands develop their creativity, and earn.

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