Trends in Vertical Video Content in 2023: What’s in Focus?

Vertical video content has been a part of our digital landscape for some time, but like any form of media creation, it continues to evolve with new trends. In 2023, we’re witnessing exciting shifts that will shape the future of vertical video content. In this article, we will analyse current trends to help businesses understand what’s at the forefront and how to leverage these changes

TREND#1: Authenticity and User-Generated Content

In the digital world, where more content appears meticulously planned, consumers are seeking authenticity. This is reflected in vertical video content, where content that looks natural, sincere, and as if it’s created by an average user is highly popular. Companies that can capture this aesthetic will gain the trust of their target audience.

TREND #2: Interactivity and Engagement

Trends in video are moving towards greater interactivity. Users want to engage, not just passively watch. Platforms like TikTok exemplify this, but it’s also spreading to other social media. Utilize features such as polls, questions, quizzes, and challenges to encourage audience participation. Collaborative video content is also on the rise, allowing users to participate in the content creation process.

TREND#3: Live Content and Reality Videos

In 2023, live content and reality videos will be key trends. Users appreciate moments of direct connection with their favorite brands and creators. Live content offers a real-time insight into what’s happening behind the camera, increasing trust and connection with the audience. Reality videos that reveal the behind-the-scenes and everyday life behind the scenes are incredibly popular. This enables companies to show their human side.

TREND #4: Sound and Subtitles

Sound is still important, but most users, especially on social media, have it defaulted to mute. This means that in your vertical video content, you need to provide subtitles that allow viewers to understand the content without sound. Creative subtitle design has become a crucial part of video content creation.

TREND #5: Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Emphasising sustainability and social responsibility is becoming increasingly important. Users want to support companies that share their values. Vertical video content is an ideal tool for sharing stories about the environment, sustainability, and social initiatives. Content that highlights sustainable practices and socially responsible actions is likely to attract more attention.

In conclusion, trends in vertical video content are constantly changing and adapting. It’s essential to stay attentive to these shifts and adjust to the needs of your target audience. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned trends in 2023 will help you create more engaging and effective vertical video content that captures the attention and increases the engagement of your audience.

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